Uncategorized April 14, 2023

Use Your Tax Refund To Buy a Home

Using Your 2023 Tax Refund For Your Next Outer Banks Home

Are you thinking of buying a home in 2023? For some, tax season could be the best time to buy on the Outer Banks! If you receive a tax return, this could help achieve your goals. From down payments to closing costs- there can be a lot of expenses involved. Here are a few tips if you are planning on utilizing your tax refund check:

Pay your down payment.

Depending on your refund, this could be used towards your down payment.

Pay for closing costs.

Costs associated with home buying include; fees to your lender, your Outer Banks real estate agent, closing attorney, various surveys and inspections.

Use Your 2023 Tax Refund

Use Your 2023 tax refund towards your OBX property.

Buy down your interest rate.

Ask your lender about lowering your interest rate by paying more upfront with your tax refund.

Find an Outer Bank Real Estate Agent

Your tax refund could help you reach your home buying goals. Hiring a qualified Outer Banks realtor can help you make this process less over-whelming. Your agent can assist you in finding the perfect OBX home for you and work with you to make it happen.