Uncategorized April 13, 2023

Spring Garden Ideas

Spruce Up Your Garden for Spring

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to head outdoors, clean out and prepare your garden to start growing the season off right. Our resident “master gardeners” have some ideas on ways to help you bring new life to your home garden:

Out with the old, in with the new. Grab a notebook and head out to your garden and evaluate what happened in the garden while you were indoors this winter. Things to look for:

  • Cold, or below freezing temps damage to plants
  • Beds that will need to be cleaned out
  • Hardscaping elements to be washed—walls, fences, benches, sheds, trellises—that have shifted, bowed or rotted.

Rediscover Your Garden. Perhaps it’s time to scrap what you usually do and start something new? Find some inspiration and also, get creative! Repurpose old pots, add some outdoor seating or try some new flowers you have never grown before.

Get some advice. The Dare County Master Gardeners is the local chapter of the North Carolina Cooperative Extension for trained gardeners. This group of volunteers completes a two-part training process to gain insight and understanding into the area’s botany, soils, insects, diseases, landscape plants, vegetables, fruits, lawns, flowers and landscape design, and then they use their expertise to give back to the community. Learn more.